Mid-July update

Amazingly, we find ourselves at the mid-July point.  It has been a very busy season thus far at Martha's Vineyard West.  Many new and returning guests have enjoyed the wonders of our wine, food and atmosphere in Mcminnville.  We wil welcome more for the International Pinot Noir Celebration, July 28-31.

It is the height of berry season and our continental breakfast always includes local fruits.  Of particular delight this week has been the blueberries and marion berries.  Next fruit arrival will be the Hermiston melons.  Thinking of a breakfast sorbet.

There are vacancies in August at the bed and breakfast.  Send a note on the contact form, or call and leave a message to which I will respond as quickly as possible.

In August, guests may also visit at Vista Hills Vineyard and sample great wines in the Treehouse tasting room as part of their stay.