January 2017 and ECLIPSE news

Another calendar yer is here.  Owner at MVW has returned from a visit to the UK (home of the original bed and breakfast concept) where a number of different places were ehecked out.  The places visited were both in London and in Cornwall vacation country.  It was a fine time, but now it is time to re-engage with bed and breakfasts here in Oregon.



August 18, 19, 20, 21 are the dates surrounding the eclipse scheduled for August 21.  Viewable from Mcminnville, the best path for viewing is actually at Independence, OR.  However, Mcminnville has more varied activities for visitors and more places to stay.

However, there are no more rooms at MVW for those dates.  I have left a message on the house/reservation phone telling callers that we are full.  But, if you are searching now and see this, you can save yourself a disapointing call.